Actor Reels: what you need to know

Actor Reels: what they are

Acting reels are a short 3 to 5 min trailer or promo of all of your best acting work from the past and present. It is just one of the many ways you have to sell yourself as an actor and get noticed by industry professionals such as casting directors and talent agents. They are one of the five principal actor-marketing materials. The other four are actor website, headshot, resume, cover letter.

In the digital age we live in, it’s a lot easier for industry professionals to get a look at you in a more efficient way. They can do it without calling you into their office by simply looking at your video online first. From that they can determine whether or not it makes sense to call you in for a live audition or not. The Internet is a huge resource of information and videos. It is a great way also for you to be efficient and get noticed a lot easier by creating a reel of your work and publishing it online.

Actor Reels: why they are so important

The reason why so many new actors turn to creating a reel is to showcase their personality, their image and their type. It’s the chance for the casting director, producer, agent or director to truly see your camera presence, personality, style, attitude, your versatility and your experience in front of a camera.

They are meant to show off your acting ability and it is an excellent way to convince the viewers that you are the right person for a certain acting role or even just to get representation. It is a great way to showcase commercials, student films, hosting clips, independent and short films, feature film work, theatre or anything you have done as an actor.

You can use all or any of those things for your reel. Although it would be more ideal to have some high quality film/tv productions, you should use the best-quality material you have even if it’s not the absolute best and top of the line.

Actor reels are just part of an actor's marketing package. Remember that your goal is not just to be able to act well, which is certanily important, but you also want to be able to get yourself noticed. If you can't do that, then acting skill doesn't really mean much. In The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course we go into detail about your actor demo reel and how you can best use it to get recognition in the acting industry. Of course we also go into the same amount of detail with regard to all the other marketing materials.

Have a look at this page that talks about some of the specific characteristics that actor reels need to have and also what you put on a reel and how you create one if you don't have any material of your own.

Acting Career Quick Start

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