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Look at the difference in these actor headshots here below!

A few months ago, one of the students in my Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course was kind enough to send me an unsolicited testimonial to tell me how happy she was with the course. I had asked her at that time if she could send along a headshot. She did send me a headshot or should I say…a photograph.

She has been working really hard in the course to get her acting career started and she uses the resources in the course and takes advantage of the email service I have to ask me questions from time to time.

After the module on actor headshots, she got new headshots made and applied everything she learned in the course about choosing the right photographer and doing all the little things right so that she made sure that she got really good pictures.

Just recently she asked me to help her choose which headshot she should use to promote herself and get noticed as an actress. That is another service I provide to all my students among many other things that is part of the free Type, Headshot and Marketing Evaluation that is part of the course. Look here below at Jacinth’s before and after headshots. What an amazing transformation!

Here below are Jacinth Sutphin's before and just one of her "after" actor headshots (She sent me several to choose from and they were all good." Look at the difference in the lighting, the expression on her face and in the overall quality of the photos?

If you were a casting director, which one of these young ladies would you call in for an audition? Which one looks like she knows how to market herself as an actress?

She booked her first acting jobs with the new actor headshots!

Great job Jacinth!

acting headshot



acting headshot


This is what Jacinth wrote to me in her email message that contained her new photos.

Hey Tony,
Thank you so so much for taking the time out and evaluating my photos. You can definitely use my before and after as an example. For what you've done for me and the start of my career, that's the least I can do. I know you're probably tired of
me telling you this, but I'm so appreciative and thankful for what you are doing for my acting career and the Acting Career Quick Start Program you have created. Words cannot express my gratitude.

Since starting your program I have booked two local commercials, a touring stage play, (tour starts may 1st) and a tv show that will be playing on local cable that also opened many doors for me.
Jacinth Sutphin

I’m so proud of her and it makes me happy when I see the students in the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course apply what they are learning and getting results!

Congratulations Jacinth and keep on going!

One of the things I hammer away at in the Home-Study Course. There is such a thing as getting headshots too early. It doesn't make sense to get actor headshots taken if you don't know how to take command of the camera.

Look at the difference in the expression in Jacinth's eyes. In the "after" picture you can see in her eyes that there is something special going on in her eyes. That's one of the things that makes actor headshosts. Either you have to know how to make that happen. If you don't know how to do that, then you need to have a good headshot photographer who knows how to help you get that expression.

The expression in the eyes is what makes the picture "pop"! It makes you want to look at it and wonder what she is thinking.

Once again. Great job Jacinth!

The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course includes a video with one of the top headshot photographers in the United States. In addition, Tony interviewed this famous photographer about how to make sure you get the best actor headshots possible, how to find the right headshot photographer for you, the questions you need to ask him BEFORE the shoot so you don't end up wasting time and money, what kinds of clothes you need for your shoots, the colors to make sure you have and the ones to avoid, the other things to make sure you take with you for your shoot, how to avoid unpleasant surprises and even five prescious tips for retouching your photos professionally to make them look even better. It's all there and all complete.

This program will help you to make sure you get the best actor headshots possible, so that you don't waste money. It approaches this small part of getting starting in the acting business and all the others by providing practical and hands-on information you need to really make something happen in your acting career.

If you haven't seen what participants of the course are saying, have a look now at the testimonials page.

We look forward to helping you finally get your acting career started!

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