The Actor Demo Reel: what you need to know

The Actor Demo Reel: characteristics and what to do if...
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The Actor demo reel: What you should know

There is an old saying in the acting industry. “The camera never lies.” It literally picks up every expression, movement and every look in your eyes. It can tell whether you really know what you are doing or if you don’t. It can tell if you are being truthful or if you are just “acting”.

The Actor demo reel: Important characteristics acting reels should have

You always want your reel to look and feel professional, so really make effort to make that happen. Find an affordable video editor to make your actor reel look as professional as possible. Your reel should be short and sweet. Put your best acting scenes first! It’s not a movie in which you have to build up the suspense. The people watching it will not have much time and they might only watch the first ten to twenty seconds, so make that your best shot!

Make sure that the video is saved in a format that can be easy and fast to download online and for the casting directors to email it around. The best thing is if the reel with your acting scenes is hosted on a website and you can just send the link. Try and space your clips with enough time for the viewer to see your different roles.  Don’t create an introduction of your personality like your age or where you live, you only want to showcase your acting ability. Make your reel as powerful and quick and possible. Make sure your scenes are believable and that you are happy with your reel. It should be no longer than two minutes and have a maximum of five scenes on it.

The Actor demo reel: What do you do if you don’t have any acting work to show?

There are companies that specialize in making acting reels for actors. They will script scenes especially for you, direct and shoot them, edit them and then give them to you in a format that you can then upload on the Internet or give it to you on a dvd. The places I know of in Los Angeles for example and that I talk about in the Home-Study Course are good and also affordable. Shop around for the best solution for you as you would with anything else.

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