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Acting Career Quick Start - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Acting Career Quick Start Program applicable if you don't live in the United States?
The Acting Career Quick Start Home Study Course is also good and 100% applicable in other countries around the world. You see, there are certain things that are common to all actors no matter where you live. Of the 24 weeks of video and course material, there are 2 weeks where a PART of them are specific to the USA and some of the other countries in the world where the acting industry is flourishing.

They are:

1. Actor Unions: When we talk about actor unions. The course focuses mainly on the major unions in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. At the same time, however, this is an area that can be easily adapted to your market. In this case you would take what you learned and go and apply that to the unions in your market.

2. Trade Papers and Online Resources: The other section that is more specific to some of those countries listed here above is the part about trade papers and online resources, which is in module 2. Again, this info represents only a part of that week's video and would then need to be tailored to one's own market.

With regard to the rest of the material, as I said before it is 100% applicable to the different markets around the world. Having said that, there might be some subtleties that need to be adapted, but by and large the Home-Study Course is for actors all over the world.

Purchasing the Home-Study Course

How do you purchase the Home-Study Course?
Go to this page:

Scroll down to the very bottom of that page and click on the "Ad to cart" button. You will find it immediately after the last video on the page right near the bottom. There is another very bottom of that page and click on the "Ad to cart" button immediately after the explanation of Bonus #4 and before the list of everything you get in the course.

Just like the other button, this one also says $37/month and then there is a sign that says "Add to Cart". Let me know if you have any problems by writing us at

Where do I find the "To Buy" button?
Scroll down to the very bottom of that page and click on the "Ad to cart" button. You will find it immediately after the last video on the page right near the bottom. There is another very bottom of that page and click on the "Ad to cart" button immediately after the explanation of Bonus #4 and before the list of everything you get in the course.

Just like the other button, this one also says $37/month and then there is a sign that says "Add to Cart". Let me know if you have any problems by writing us at

How do I know it is for me?
If you fit into one of the following categories then you know that this course is for you.
  • You have been trying to get acting work for months, maybe even years, but have been unsuccessful.
  • You have been sending your headshot, resume and maybe a cover letter to agents and can't get a response.
  • You have been sending those same materials to casting directors, but they are not calling you in for auditions.
  • You can't find the money you need to start your career and to stay focused on only that without having to work for someone else to make ends meet.
  • You don't know much about the business side of acting and starting a career.
  • You are getting auditions, but aren't getting called back and as a consequence you are not getting any or much acting work.
  • You don't know what the steps are to starting an acting career.
  • You have been relying on sources of information to help you start your acting career that are not getting you results.
  • You have been trying to get an agent for a long time, but are not having any success.
  • If any of those things are true for you, you are a candidate for taking this course.

    Who is Anthony Smith (Tony), the person who created the ACQS Home-Study Course?
    The creator of the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course is a former business executive who worked for Nike and Levi's for many years and who decided that he wanted acting to be an important part of his life.

    After quitting his corporate job, he studied the Meisner Technique of Acting in New York at the Ward Studio and augmented his acting skills with other classes around movement, voice, the classics, text analysis, audition technique, scene study, improvisation and sensory work.

    Anthony has since worked on the sets of many acting projects including feature films, independent films, industrials, voice over and radio. One of his true passions is that of hosting live events of different kinds for hundreds of people.

    One of the things he boasts is the fact that once he reached a certain point in his acting training and from the time he decided to commit to start getting acting work, he got some eight acting jobs in the first ten weeks of his time in New York City. He is convinced that what helped him to be able to do that is his business experience in addition to having studied the craft of acting.

    Something that is particular to Anthony Smith is his rare mix of business knowledge, knowledge of the acting industry and what it takes to become an actor and his ability to communicate concepts and to train people to achieve better results in their lives. That's why he created one of the biggest and fastest-growing online communities for new and aspiring actors in and also this home-study program.

    How much does it cost?
    I prefer to not talk about cost, but rather about an investment you will make in your acting career. If you spend money for this course and don't get anything out of it, then you can accurately say that the home-study course "cost" you $37/month.

    If on the other hand you take the course and APPLY what you learn and what I teach you and what I show you how to do step-by-step, then yes, you will still have spent $37/month, but you will make that money back easily with your first acting job.

    To answer your question, as you can see, the investment is $37/month for six months, which is a total of $222 for the entire six month period. For that price you will get your materials each week for twenty-four weeks or six months.

    What do you get when you buy the course?
    You get the following:
  • Step-by-Step video instruction each week for 24 weeks (6 months)
  • Downloadable presentation of course materials You also get:
  • Free monthly webinars in which you get to ask questions and interact with other course participants
  • Free access to the ACQS Mentoring Blog
  • mp3 audio files of all course videos
  • Free email support directly from Tony
  • Free type, headshot, resume and cover letter evaluation done by Tony himself
  • - 4 pre-announced bonuses:
  • Ebook: The First Three Months of My Acting Career
  • How to convince anyone of anything anytime (1.5 hour video instruction)
  • How to get over stage fright (1.5 hour video instruction)
  • Presenting with Impact: How to present in public and give memorable presentations (1.5 hour video instruction)
  • 4 surprise bonuses
  • How long does the course last?
    The Home-Study Course lasts for 24 weeks or 6 months.

    Each week you receive your modules, videos, downloadable materials and mp3 files.

    If I don't buy the course, can I still ask Tony questions?
    Tony will answer general questions about the course and simple questions about where you might find certain types of information regarding aspects of starting an acting career.

    However, please do not ask Tony to guide you through the process or to teach you the steps of starting an acting career, review your headshots, coach you for auditions or similar things. Those kinds of answers are reserved for students enrolled in the Home-Study Course. Answering those kinds of questions and giving that kind of service to people who have not made a financial investment and who have not made the commitment to focus on their acting careers, would not be fair to those who have.

    Can I sell your Home-Study Course and make a commission even if I didn't buy it?
    Yes. However, there are two things that are important to know.

    1. If you want to sell the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course you must do it as an OFFICIAL AFFILIATE of the program. You may not access the course on your own without having paid for it and sell the course for a personal profit.

    2. In addition, those who have bought the program may NOT sell the program materials for a profit.

    Anyone who wants to sell the program must first register as an affiliate, acquire a clickbank affiliate link and then they may begin promoting the program through their own affiliate link.

    Lastly, while becoming an affiliate is open to anyone who finds the program appealing, we have found that those who have actually gone through the program are the affiliates who sell the most. Why? Because they truly understand what they are selling. They can describe it. They know it's benefits. They've used it and know how to talk about it in a credible way.

    What are the different payment options?

    What is Clickbank?
    Clickbank is the worlds largest secure retail outlet for online digital products. It is the outlet through which The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course is sold. That means that new students don't pay Tony directly, but rather they pay clickbank who then pays Tony after they have verified that Tony's website: and the product he promotes is a responsible and honest product and presented in a transparent way so as to inform potential buyers of its benefits that is not misleading.

    In addition, clickbank takes care of all payments to ensure they are done in a secure way, customer service issues, cancellations, refunds and any service that is necessary around the seller's product.

    In addition, clickbank offers the everyday person the opportunity to become an affiliate and to sell the products hosted on their website, such as the ACQS Home-Study Course for a commission.

    Clickbank is a no-nonsense business that has a reputation for being extremely reliable and secure.

    Can Tony guarantee that I will get work as an actor if I buy the course?
    Unfortunately Tony cannot guarantee that you or anyone enrolled in the course will get acting work if you buy into the course. No one can make that claim honestly. Why?

    Because enrolling in the course is one thing. Enrolling in the course and APPLYING and PUTTING INTO PRACTICE everything you learn in the course in a very conscientious way is something else.

    What Tony does stand behind though is this statement:

    "If you apply what you learn in the course, put it into practice, you will get results. That means that before you finish the course, you should have an agent (at least one), have started to build relationships with other industry professionals such as casting directors for example and also have built the base to be getting regular auditions and have already booked your first acting jobs."

    If you don't put into practice what you learn, then you can't expect to get any positive results.

    Why should I listen to Tony? And can I trust him?
    Tony has the five characteristics on the video that is on the presentation page of the Home-Study Course:

    1. He has already done what you are trying to do: get acting work quickly. It's all in his First Three Months bonus book in which he talks about everything he did to get eight acting jobs in less than three months.

    2. He is very knowledgeable about the acting industry. He built one of the most popular and fastest-growing online resources for new actors all over the world: That website has literally hundreds of pages of content about every aspect imaginable that has to do with starting an acting career. He knows the business.

    3. He has an incredible capacity to communicate concepts in a simple and understandable way. For many years now he has been conducting seminars, hosting large educational events, teaching, coaching and consulting. He gets very good result when helping people to achieve their goals.

    4. He is willing to teach you and help you. Someone who creates hundreds of pages of content for a website and then who turns around and builds a complete Home-Study Course that lasts for six months and consists of more than forty hours of video, hundreds of pages of downloadable materials, forty hours of mp3 audio, who coaches and answers questions and does webinars clearly demonstrated true desire to help people.

    5. Tony is someone you can trust. If he weren't, he wouldn't offer a money-back guarantee for example within the first thirty days. He does that, because he is so confident that no one would be able to "look him in the eye" after seeing a few of those video modules and be able to tell him that the course can't help them. In his words, "That's impossible!"

    He also puts his face right on the site, on the videos and answers questions personally. People who are slicksters and who can't be trusted and who try to scam you, usually don't do things like that, because they don't want anyone to know who they are.

    Tony wants everyone to know that if you need help and you are willing to work hard, that you can come to him and find what you need to start your acting career.

    What if I buy the Course and don't like it? Can I get my money back?
    Yes. If within the first thirty days you don't think the course can help you to start your acting career, you may ask for a refund.
    Do you have any testimonials or comments to share from people who have taken the Course?
    Yes. Please consult this page for testimonials of people who either have taken the course or who are actively participating.
    All I really need is an agent and a place to find good auditions. Why should I then take a course like this and spend money unnecessarily?
    Because statistics say that if that is your approach to starting your acting career, that you will most likely not be successful. Why? Because that is a very narrow and short-term approach. There is so much more to the acting business than just getting an agent and finding auditions. There are classes, the right classes. There's the whole business side that most people don't realize is the REAL key to getting acting work. But, many choose to ignore that and as a result they keep on with this approach of just looking for an agent and auditions and when they continue not to get them, they don't even understand why it's not working for them.

    Tony will challenge you by saying this. "From this date on, keep on trying to get an agent like you have been. Keep on trying to get auditions by listening to the wrong people and see where you are in six months with regard to your acting career. I bet you that if you keep doing those things, that you will be no better off than you are today.

    If that is your situation and you decide to take the course, I'm willing to bet that you will be doing things that you didn't think were possible. You will be finally starting to live your dream of becoming an actor!"

    Does this course teach acting skills and technique?
    No. This is a course that teaches people how to start an acting career. It does not teach the craft of acting, acting classes or acting technique. What the course does address, however, is the importance and the benefits of taking acting classes, which classes to take first, how to find the right school, classes and teacher, how to interview schools, the questions to ask, auditing classes and so forth
    Why did you start this Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course?
    Here's Tony's answer:

    "I started this course, because of what I saw happen on other websites, forums for actors and even on my own website, which is full of hundreds of pages of information on how to start an acting career.

    One of the things I discovered after answering literally thousands of questions, is that many of the people who asked me questions and who have access to the world wide web of information and even those with access to my site still had trouble putting into practice what they read and what they learn from reading and visiting websites like mine.

    That's when I got the idea to create something that will literally take people by the hand and walk them through the process of starting an acting career step-by-step.

    I knew that I had to make it so simple that even a 10-year-old could understand.

    So that's what I did. That's what the Home-Study Course is all about. Starting an acting career made simple!

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