Acting Career Quick Start Testimonials

Acting Career Quick Start

It gives me great satisfaction to hear and receive Acting Career Quick Start Testimonials for the Home-Study Course for actors. Just launched in February of this year, participants in the program are already finding great benefit. See what they have to say.

This first testimonial is from a young lady in Australia, who is in the process of getting her headshots done. I hope to have one soon to put next to this wonderful letter she sent me to comment on The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course. Here it is:

Hi Tony,

I have been so swept up in the Acting Career Quick Start course while I have a month
off of university that I only just realized I hadn't even thanked you for all of
this incredibly helpful information yet.

This. course. is. brilliant.

I have never come across anything quite like it before. Nothing I have found
previously has been more helpful in terms of learning what to do and when for
someone who passionately loves acting.

I found your website when I was researching acting classes and thought your sales
pitch sounded way too good to be true. Offering the initial video and later Module 1.1 for free definitely played a part in my taking a risk and buying the course.

To be honest, I'm still shocked that I found it, and I have to say creating a
website and then a course like this a pretty acting-career-quick-'SMART' kind of
move. When I'm not sure exactly when or how to do something, I hesitate, thinking I
might take the wrong step, and this online course really fixes that problem for me.
Now that I'm more aware of what should happen and in what order, I'm finding it much
easier to just do it.

Thank you for including the Australian resources...

Really just wanting to thank you again for creating this site and course for those
who desperately seek this kind of assistance. It really makes a big difference, so
thank you. I am quickly becoming both a 'Yes' person, and a strategic planner.

Beth Groenewegen, Australia

Acting Career Quick Start

This testimonial comes in the form of a video skype call registration. Actor, Wes Cantrell literally pressed me for a skype call. He told me, "I want to give you a testimonial!" I honored his request naturally. In this 3-minute video you will see the conversation on skype the transpired and in which he tells me how The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course actually changed his life! Needless to say, that makes me proud. Check it out.

Dear Tony,
You know, there comes a time in your life when you find yourself totally lost. And that's what happen to me three months ago. At that time I really wanted to start an acting career but all my landmarks, my points of reference were gone and I didn't know where to turn to. Then I found you. You told me that If I really want this I had to go for it, I had to take control, I had to make something happen for myself and start living the life I wanted to.

Thanks to you I didn't give up on my dream. Thanks to your Home-Study Course I finally took control of my life and my acting career and right now I can't believe that I'm already in module 3.2 : I'm taking acting classes, I had my headshots done, my resumé done and I'm still working on cover letters for professionals.

In a way Tony, You saved my life, you saved my dream. You showed me the door and I opened it. You've done a lot for me, and all I can give you back is a THANK YOU from the bottom of my French heart. So THANK YOU Tony, and see you on Module 3.3 !
Sarah, France

acting career"The Acting Career Quickstart program has been very beneficial to me. I have been pursuing acting for nearly a year now, and thought I had the basics down. I subscribed to this course to get a clearer sense of direction in how to further my career. I am very happy to say that not only has Tony provided a roadmap that I can follow (his moving to NY bonus material has helped me tremendously!), but he also gave me fresh insight on the basic aspects I thought I had covered. I am very thankful for his efforts with this program, and would openly recommend it to any actor out there."
Jason Hanna, United States

Acting Career Quick Start

start an acting careerHey Tony,
I am really enjoying this course and looking forward to what is ahead. Every module I take a lot from it and apply it to my current situation. It is so nice to have a platform were actors can go and get information about all aspects of acting, the whole business side of it. Your wisdom, knowledge, passion is so positive for us actors who are trying to become "working actors". I look forward to what is next and making things happen. Everyday I wake up and think how to get moving in my career.

I am with an agency now and I am also looking for auditions by myself as well because I know like you said it is about applying yourself and not just thinking the agent is going to do all the work for you. You're a big help because of your motivation, guidance and support. Thanks for creating this program Tony.

[Some weeks later]
Hi again Tony!
How are you doing? Hope all is well with you. I wanted to check in with you to tell you how I am doing and how much the program is benefiting me. I wanted to say I am about to start listening to Module 2.4. Wow so much information to take in! It has been so helpful. I signed with an agency and I have also gone to a couple of auditions that I have been looking for on my own as well. Cannot wait to start the New Year with more goals to accomplish. Your program definitely has made me think outside the box. It is interesting to see how many ways their are to promote yourself and get experience. It took someone like you to show me how to do that. I am looking forward to see what else I can learn from these modules. I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! You will hear from me soon again. Thank you again!

Eva Oraha, Canada


If you were a casting director, which one of these young ladies would you call in for an audition?

This is Jacinth Sutphin, one of the students in the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course. She followed my advice and these are the results she's getting. She booked her first acting jobs with the new actor headshots!

Great job Jacinth!

acting headshot



acting headshot


This is what Jacinth wrote to me in her email message that contained her new photos.

Hey Tony,
Thank you so so much for taking the time out and evaluating my photos. You can definitely use my before and after as an example. For what you've done for me and the start of my career, that's the least I can do. I know you're probably tired of
me telling you this, but I'm so appreciative and thankful for what you are doing for my acting career and the Acting Career Quick Start Program you have created. Words cannot express my gratitude.

Since starting your program I have booked two local commercials, a touring stage play, (tour starts may 1st) and a tv show that will be playing on local cable that also opened many doors for me.
Jacinth Sutphin

Acting Career Quick Start

start an acting career"Hi Tony,
I am going to say this genuinely and most truthfully that the program you have created is the most helpful and informative resource I have ever invested in to start my acting career. I have never stumbled across anything like it on the internet over the many hours and probably days I have spent researching. The step-by-step process is exactly what I have been looking for all along, and the way that it is "hands-on" and how you urge me to actually go out and do the things you say just makes me feel like I've achieved so much. In fact, I KNOW I have achieved more in these 2 months than I had in the two years I had tried to start my career before I purchased your program. I am now in acting school, have a website about to go uek. Every week I look forward to the next module and what exciting things you will you teach me and urge me to go and do. I just love it! Thank you soooooooo much =)"
Stephanie Reckling, Australia


start an acting careerHi Anthony!
Thank you again for your home study course. I'm studying with you for almost 2 months now, and every week I have your videos to remind me what i have to do and how to do it. It's very motivating !I finished my acting school last year (I'm continuing my acting studies this year as we never stop learning.) and I decided to make my own website to help people who want to become an actor (for French people). And I realized that is exactly what Acting Career Start Up is all about. So I decided to enroll in the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course so I could have the information I need to start my own acting career AND the information I need to build my own website about acting. This course helps to keep me motivated with the right goals in mind. Every time I watch a video, I feel that success is just a few steps away. It is motivating, inspiring, and very useful! And the best is that I can also use this information to build my own website and to support my acting career financially as you teach in the course. Your course has exceeded my expectations. So I'm really happy with this investment that I made and I am already experiencing the benefits.

I'd like to sell your product on my website. I'd like to put a banner for Acting Career Quick Start. How could I do that? Do you have other marketting material that i could use?

Thanks a lot Anthony!
Adrien Binh Doan, France


" Dear Mr. Smith,
I would just like to start out saying how wonderful I found your course! I have wanted to be an actor all my life and your course showed me how that can be a possibility... I have also been getting a website together to be a source of income for me while I pursue this new life (what great advice thank you). Hopefully you will see me on a screen big or small soon. What you do with this course is essential for everyone just starting out and those who want to get very IMPORTANT and vital information so they know what they are in for. I recommend your site all time when someone says they want to be an actor.
Thank you so much and May GOD BLESS."

Regina F. Rolle, United States


Acting Career Quick Start"Hey Tony,
Thank you so much for putting together this great program. I am currently now into month 3 of the course and it’s been a huge eye opener. I’ve tried a couple other programs online in the past. While they are good with a lot of information, yours is the first one that actually takes you through the process step by step. The other ones I’ve tried give you a good bit of info but leave out one big issue: How do I start?

I love how you isolate every single factor of the business and go into great detail about it and the steps that are needed to take. I am graduating from college and will now get the opportunity to go into acting full-time. I feel so blessed that I found your program right at this time. You’ve given a great blueprint; all that’s left now is to take them and set things into motion. Another thing I really like about your program is that you really care about everyone in the program. Every time I have come to you for questions or advice, you are always available and willing to help out. The webinars are really helpful and help us track how we are doing as we progress through the course. I look forward to the rest of the course. I know that after the 6 months are up, I will be ready to pursue this career with the confidence and knowledge of how to make this my profession for life."
Brent Bauer, United States

Acting Career Quick Start

acting career start-up"Hey Tony,
Hi Tony, My name is Rebecca Harris. I have been doing your Acting Career Quick Start Home Study Course, but applying it to Australia's film industry. I live in Brisbane, Australia, and before doing this course I had an extras agent and was taking classes, but not getting called back for auditions. Industry professionals kept telling me I was good, but I still wasn't getting anywhere.

Since starting your course I have got an agent, started taking a voice class and got a lead role in a Japanese television segment. I have also had a bit part in a feature film and five extra roles! I have been pushing my schedule that little bit tighter and it has had great results! I am still working on multi-stream income, but its getting there, and so am I. Thanks for all your help."
Rebecca Harris, Australia


start an acting career"Hello Tony,
I've completed Module 1 and last week I meet with my mentor. We sat down and discussed about what he's doing in the business, where I am now and how to move forward. He told me to mention his name to a talent agency when I submitted my work. Now, this is key because in Module 1 you talked about not hearing anything from agents and directors and finding out why. The agency he told me to submit my work to, I've submitted to them before- 2 years ago. This time I took the feedback my mentor gave me and changed my headshots and reformatted my resume. Once I used that approach and mentioned his name, it opened doors. Also, I have an audition tomorrow for a play! I've applied myself to learn more, be disciplined, and find ways to fund my acting. I saw online that a production company needed reviewers to see plays. I contacted them and got the job right away. Last night I saw *"Guys and Dolls"* at a theatre. The show sold out! The actors were phenomenal and I learned so much.

(after Module 3) I just got my first paycheck from my agency for a role I played in a film as a CSI agent! It's exciting! This program truly works! If it wasn't for your encouragement, passion, and commitment I wouldn't be where I am today, trying to figure things out on my own. Thank you,"

(days later)
This week I also had a call back for a play. I'm suppose to hear something by today. I'm really enjoying the Acting Career Quick Start program. Thank you so much!

(a week later)
Today I got my first pay check from the talent agency I work with. :)

(a week later)
I had an audition last night for a local tv episode. It was a lot of fun. The director seemed pretty pleased. We'll see what happens!

(a week later)
The audition I had last week was a success. I got a speaking role as a secretary. :)

(a couple of weeks later)
Today I had my very first television shoot. It was a great learning experience and very challenging. The cast and crew were fun to work with. Tomorrow we shoot one more scene.

Amanda Queen, United States

Acting Career Quick Start

"Hi Tony!
Great news! I just got an agent!!! Yipeeeee!!!! I did everything you said Tony. I did the mailing like you said. I researched the agents. I wrote the letter like you said. And they called me in! I prepared for the interview just like you said in one of the last modules. I prepared the two kinds of monologues you said to prepare. It worked! Thank you soo soooo soooooo much!!!
Barbara Dalton, United States


Start an acting career"Hey Tony,
This is a great course. You know so much about this business! Your love and power for acting and your knowledge make me to trust in you more and more. Your course is motivating and gives me courage to go step by step. Today I am am going to visit an acting school and I love how you teach us about the acting business in general because this is like in sports, always you have to prepare for the match or fight. I'm also following your advice and have people around me now who are positive and who keep me motivated. to stay on track in my acting. It's people like you Anthony Smith who make my belief in my dream even stronger. Thank you for creating this course!
Eugene Freihe, Germany


"I'd just like to thank Tony thus far for the amazing course he has provided. I've always wanted to do acting at a young age but was very frightened at the chance I must take and being very nervous around people for a long time. Finally at age 24, I decided to jump at that chance and being very new to this line of work, it's really a breath of fresh air knowing that a course like this exists. It's proved to be a very good investment. I am truly happy I'm taking this course. I'm a very far way from home (South Africa) , just made a move to New York two months ago and if you really want to be an actor, I know you have to make sacrifices and smart investments. Take the course, I'm sure you will be happy you did."
Gheon Steenkamp, South Africa to New York

Acting Career Quick Start

"Hello Tony,
Well I just wanted to say I enjoyed the first installment of the course. You have definetly given me a lot of food for thought so to speak. I am a bottom line kind of guy in fact I often use the phrase "Bottom line me" which basically means get to the point and ell it like it is. Thats what I liked about your presentation. It was very practical and addressed a lot of issues that need to really be addressed. It was pragmatic and I like the down to earth feel to it if that makes sense. For me, I am just starting out so its nice to have a game plan going in. I know I've got my work cut out for me and the coming weeks will be interesting. So just wanted to say thanks. I enjoyed it."
Jamie Shannon, United States


acting career"Hey Tony,
Well…this week has been amazing for me! Sunday, I filmed my first fight scene in an independent movie I’ve been working on. It was a sword fight which went really well; nobody got hurt, and I was able to see some of the raw footage which looked great. Monday, I got a callback for a commercial I auditioned for last month. The callback was Wednesday which went very well. I also just got a role for a part in a web series for Sunday. And I’m going to be submitting my information for a part on a show on a local network. This Sunday, I’m going to be filming for a web series, then an audition, and then filming for the movie.

It’s been awesome! Also, I am preparing for my first mailing, which will be sent in two weeks. Earlier today, I wrote my cover letter for the mailings. I wrote one specifically to one of the casting directors I will send to (I’ll do minor tweaking depending on who I’m sending to, just as you talk about in the course).

I was wondering…could you read the cover letter and let me know what you think? I just want to make sure it’s good to go. I made sure to do my research on the casting director like you said and made sure to add an interesting story about me in the opening. [I did review Brent's cover letter, tweaked it and sent it back to him.]

Tony, big things are really starting to happen for me. I know I sound like a broken record, but thank you for everything. There is a clear path in front of me, and I’m taking these great steps towards my destination. In the past, I would just keep getting off the path and take exits that would get me nowhere. Now, the pieces are coming together and it’s just incredible. I look forward to Module 6.4 Attached is my cover letter. Thanks Tony. Take care."
Brent Bauer, United States


Acting Career Quick Start

"Hello Tony,
I am receiving everything perfectly, thank you and I am enjoying it so much and I already feel better prepared and more confident and it's only been 2 weeks. Thank you so much for everything you have done, I am sure you can understand how much we all appreciate it!"
Charlotte Sedgwick-Dayne, United Kingdom


Start an acting career"Hey Tony,
As you know I subscribed to your Home-Study Course and everything is working perfectly;
I have received all the emails that I am supposed to receive to start: "The first three months of my acting career", "Module 1.1 of the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Program", and "Downloadable course materials". I can't wait to start it up. I can't wait to learn! Thank you for this incredible concept. And also thank you for the book "Acting Career Start Up", I finished it and I love it! Take a good care of yourself, keep on improve your skills and of course to help people! Best regards,"
Kevin J. Ziane, France

Acting Career Quick Start

Start an acting career"Hey Tony,
First of all i just want to thank you for putting all this information together for actors like myself and many others out there who are still searching for the light to break through and know that i still have some purpose when it comes to having my acting career and moving forward, i'm in the second week and personally doing what you have instructed me to do and making great progress. Its like this information that you are giving, i have learnt so much in just two weeks, i have already started doing what you did regarding stats regarding the industry and working actors and others things you have mentioned, i'm so happy that i'm doing this and i'm also looking forward to the rest of the modules. Thank you so much been been a light in times of darkenss. We shall meet soon Tony. Keep up the good work. I have also recommended your course to some of my friends who are also actors, they too want to have a piece of that pie. Thank you so much once again Tony."

Emmanuel Fabiyi, United Kindom


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