"Here Is The Biggest SECRET I Know
To Getting Acting Work Quickly!
To Getting A
Quick Start To Your Acting Career!"

Finding that person can dramatically (no pun intended) increase your chances of getting acting work quickly! But how can you I find that person? And exactly what kind of person does it need to be?

Here In This Video Below Are The 5
Characteristics That Your Mentor Needs To Have.

Here In This Video Below Is Someone
Who Has Those Characteristics And Who Could Mentor YOU!

So why am I telling you all this? Because I want to be your mentor! I want to be the person who helps
you start your acting career as quickly as possible!

Here Below Is A Summary Of The 5 Main
Reasons Why I Want To Do That For You.

1. I’m Someone Who Has Already Done What You Are

How were the first three months in your acting career? Or haven’t you started yet? OK. Then what do you want your first three months to be like?

Don’t you want to get lots of acting jobs as quickly as possible? Sure you do. Who doesn’t. I want to share with you EVERY SINGLE THING I did at the beginning of my acting career that helped me get 32 AUDITIONS AND 8 ACTING JOBS IN THE FIRST FEW MONTHS!  Now whether you think that’s good or not so good, you have an incredible opportunity to hear about everything that I did during those 10 weeks and LEARN!

So if you think what I did was good, you can do what I did. If you think it was not so good, you should be able to figure out what I could have done better and do that to get an even better start in your acting career! In these forty pages I will share with you literally everything I did to get acting work so quickly. I give you lots of great information that I would have done anything to get when I first started!

In This Easy-To-Read 40-Page Book I Share With You:

How I prepared my trip to New York (That apply even if you go to LA, Bollywood, Chicago or wherever!)

How I made contact with casting directors and agents BEFORE I went there.

What I did as soon as I arrived.

A HUGE MISTAKE I made in the first couple of weeks, that you definitely don’t want to make when you go to New York or LA!

A great opportunity I had and that helped me GET TWO AGENTS IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!

What my first agent interviews were like and how I prepared for them.

How many auditions my agents got me and what kind.

Which websites I used and how I submitted myself for acting auditions.

How I prepared for auditions.

What the auditions were like and what the casting directors asked me to do.

Which casting websites I used and how I used them to get acting auditions

How I got casting directors to call me in personally without calling my agent first!

How many times I submitted myself for work and how many times I actually got called in to audition.

How many call-backs I got.

The kinds of acting jobs I got.

How much money I made.

What I learned and what I decided to do differently in the future that helped me get even more acting jobs.

I Would Have Paid A Fortune To Have That Kind Of Information Before I Actually Decided To Become
An Actor! What About You?

2. I’m Extremely Knowledgeable About The Acting Industry And About What It Takes To Become An Actor.

I’m proud to say that I studied the acting industry extensively, first as an actor myself having done lots of industrials and corporate videos, educational dvds and videos, voice over work, independent films, radio and I have appeared on television. To get to that point I must talk about my studies in New York at the Ward Studio where I studied the Meisner Technique of acting and where I took and continue to take course in movement, voice, the classics, text analysis, scene study, improvisation and sensory work.

After seeing the enormous difficulties that people face when trying to start their careers in this business, I became an avid student of the acting business. One of the things that I discovered is that the principles for success in this business are the same as what I experienced in my corporate jobs. But I needed to know the specifics of this industry so I interviewed countless actors, casting directors and other industry professionals on video. Among them are the casting director for Lost, Mission Impossible III and 2012 April Webster and Arrested Development star Tony Hale.

But perhaps the thing that helped me to learn the most about what works when trying to start an acting career and what doesn't are the more than 4,000 questions I have answered over the last 5 years from people new to the acting business, new actors struggling to make something happen in their careers. I have become an authority on the subject of starting an acting career and it gives me great satisfaction to know that I have also become a point of reference for thousands of new actors all over the world with the dream of becoming working actors.

It's been a long road and some things that have helped me to achieve this position in the industry are publishing my first book Acting Career Start-Up: Four Key Factors For Success, the countless interviews video and non with the above-mentioned acting industry professionals, the creation of the popular Top 10 Reasons Why Most Aspiring Actors Never Make It! video as well as the popular video I shot on Wall Street entitled "What Actors Can Learn From Wall Street Investors".

Start an acting career"Hey Tony,
This is a great course. You know so much about this business! Your love and power for acting and your knowledge make me to trust in you more and more. Your course is motivating and gives me courage to go step by step. Today I am am going to visit an acting school and I love how you teach us about the acting business in general because this is like in sports, always you have to prepare for the match or fight. I'm also following your advice and have people around me now who are positive and who keep me motivated. to stay on track in my acting. It's people like you Anthony Smith who make my belief in my dream even stronger. Thank you for creating this course!
Eugene Freihe, Germany

3. I’m Able To Teach You And Have The Communication
Skills Necessary To Help You Get What You Want!

For years I have been involved in teaching and helping people to achieve the goals they set for themselves. Here are some of the teaching jobs I have held over the years:

US Air Force: Teaching new recruits their jobs

I taught 40-hour introductory German language classes to American soldiers in Germany

In NIKE I taught store clerks about NIKE technology

One of the jobs I held in NIKE was as the director of sales training and development for all of Europe.

Today I conduct seminars for businesses as well as for actors

I also present and give educational speeches at live events in front of hundreds of people.

Lastly, more in line with acting, I also do lots of industrials, which are educational videos and DVDs for companies to help them teach their customers.

To be that involved in teaching people over so many years, one needs to have very good communication skills and be able to help people get results. I can do that for you!

Successful teaching isn’t just talking, it’s helping people get the results they want! I know how to do that. Here's what one of my students says about that.

acting career start-up"Hey Tony,
Hi Tony, My name is Rebecca Harris. I have been doing your Acting Career Quick Start Home Study Course, but applying it to Australia's film industry. I live in Brisbane, Australia, and before doing this course I had an extras agent and was taking classes, but not getting called back for auditions. Industry professionals kept telling me I was good, but I still wasn't getting anywhere.

Since starting your course I have got an agent, started taking a voice class and got a lead role in a Japanese television segment. I have also had a bit part in a feature film and five extra roles! I have been pushing my schedule that little bit tighter and it has had great results! I am still working on multi-stream income, but its getting there, and so am I. Thanks for all your help."
Rebecca Harris, Australia


4. I’m Willing To Teach You Want You Want To Know And How To Do It! I Will Take You By The Hand And Show You
Step-By-Step What You Need To Do To
Get Acting Work Quickly!

To show you just how much I really want to help you, I took months to put together for you a home-study program that has everything you need to know and to do to get your acting career started as quickly as possible! I’ll talk more about that further down the page.

It’s a program in which I personally will guide you through the steps each week for 24 weeks. Each week you will:

Have a video of me explaining to you what you need to know and do,

Have a PDF file that you can download with course material and key points of the lessons,

Homework or what I rather would call practical application, which means that you will have things to DO to get you closer to what you want,

Have monthly webinars (after each module) during which you can ask questions,

And the best thing of all is that during the 24 weeks, if you follow what I say and tell you to do, you will already start to get work as an actor! You don’t have to wait until it’s finished before you start getting work!

I did this all, because I really AM WILLING to help you start your acting career! I get great satisfaction in your success! More on that further down the page.

5. I Want To Prove To You That
I’m Someone You Can Trust.

For me trust isn’t just important, it’s paramount! It’s super important everywhere, but especially in the acting industry. There are so many scams out there! Here are some of the most famous ones:

People posing as agents and who tell you that if you “just pay $500, I will get you lots of auditions and help you to be a star.”

‘So-called agents’ make you pay for auditions they get for you.

Agents who tell you that your headshots aren’t very good and they tell you that you need to get new ones. So where do they send you? To one of their friends who is a headshot photographer!

Then there are many other kinds of scams that involve doing ‘special favors’ for people in the industry in exchange for promises to get acting work.

Finally, there are many people who claim to be able to help you, but they have no credentials and after a while you discover that what they really want is to take your money!

Scams are sickening and I will have no part of them! So, to prove to you that you can trust me, I want you to think about what I am offering you.

First of all, think about what you have learned about me up until this moment. (The videos and points 1-4)

I want to GIVE YOU my book that tells you everything I did in the first three months of my acting career so you can learn from that.

And I want to give you the entire Acting Career Quick-Start home-study program at an exceptional price!

I also want to give you three bonus prizes for buying into my home study course during the program:
a. On how to convince anyone about anything
b. On how to overcome stage fright
c. On how to speak in front of a group of people with authority

I give you my personal guarantee. That means that anytime within the first 30 days of your purchase here below, if you are not satisfied with the product for some reason, then I will give you your money back! It's that simple.

Lastly, I want to inform you that you have the opportunity to cancel your membership of the program AT ANY TIME, at which payments will be stopped.

Frankly, I don’t know what else I can do to build trust.

acting career Dear Tony,
You know, there comes a time in your life when you find yourself totally lost. And that's what happen to me three months ago. At that time I really wanted to start an acting career but all my landmarks, my points of reference were gone and I didn't know where to turn to. Then I found you. You told me that If I really want this I had to go for it, I had to take control, I had to make something happen for myself and start living the life I wanted to.

Thanks to you I didn't give up on my dream. Thanks to your Home-Study Course I finally took control of my life and my acting career and right now I can't believe that I'm already in module 3.2 : I'm taking acting classes, I had my headshots done, my resumé done and I'm still working on cover letters for professionals. I did everything just like you said, step-by-step.

In a way Tony, You saved my life, you saved my dream. You showed me the door and I opened it. You've done a lot for me, and all I can give you back is a THANK YOU from the bottom of my French heart. So THANK YOU Tony, and see you on Module 3.3 !
Sarah Joly Meunier, France

Let Me Sum It Up For You!

But First Watch This Short Video That Introduces To You What You Really Need To Finally Get Your Acting Career Going!

Here It Is… The Full ‘Break-Down’.

Acting Career Quick-Start: How To Start An Acting
Career in 24 Weeks Or Less, Step-By-Step!

If you have any of the following symptoms, this home-study course is for you:

New to show business and just seem to be wallowing around to find out what to do to get started in the right way!

Don't get sent out on many auditions.

Don't have an agent and not sure how to get one.

Don't have many industry contacts and can’t seem to meet that agent, casting director or personal manager who could make all the difference for you!

Difficult to balance working to pay the rent and the demands of an acting career.

Able to book acting jobs, but not always able to keep them. End up getting fired by the director!

Send out materials—reels, headshots, résumés and cover letters—but don't get many responses.

Parents don't support your dream to become an actress and you don't know what to do!

Take workshops and seminars every now and then, because there's not enough money in the budget to take regular acting classes. It’s been the situation for months. Maybe even years.

Have difficulty getting off work for auditions, because the boss doesn’t support employees' acting careers!

Find it difficult to prepare well for auditions, because of work. Either too tired or just not enough time in the day!

Have to work at a club or restaurant until the wee hours of the morning and end up going into auditions looking and feeling like a zombie.

Don't have the cash to get a reel made, get those new headshots, take classes or travel to New York or LA to get your acting career going the way you really want!

Not sure how to choose a headshot photographer.

Keep falling victim to scammers taking your money!

Don't know how on earth it's possible to make a résumé at the beginning of the acting career, if there's nothing to put on it! How can one start an acting career that way?!?!?!

This is the reality for many actors. What about for you? If any of those things are true for you…

…Don’t Worry. You Are Not Alone! AND There Is Good News! This Acting Career Quick-Start Home Study Course Could Be What You Need To Start Getting Acting Work Quickly!

6 Modules over a 6-Month Period That You Can Do At Your Own Leisure, whenever you have the time to do it!

Each Module Is One Month’s Work And Is Divided Up Into 4 Weekly Lessons (You will need 2-3 hours per week to complete the work at your own pace.)

Each Week You Will Get:


Video: 1 – 2 Hours Of Video Instruction From Me Personally

A Downloadable PDF Document/Worksheet With Highlights Of Each Lesson, Tips, Advice and Concrete Steps To Complete

Homework Assignment/Practical Application (This Is A TO-DO Course and Not Just Something To Read And Watch!) You Will Do It As You Go Along, Not Like Other Courses Where You Have To Figure It Out At The End!

Interviews With Industry Experts: Casting Directors, Agents, Acting Teachers, etc.


Monthly Webinar In Which You Will Have The Opportunity To Ask Questions

An Authentic Certificate Of Completion Of The Course

MOST IMPORTANTLY, At The End Of The Course If You Follow What You See In The Progam, there is an extremely high degree of probability that YOU WILL HAVE ALREADY STARTED WORKING AS AN ACTOR AND You Will Have Built The Base To Continue Your Acting Career Success!

This Is What You Will Learn

Module 1: Weeks 1 - 4
Getting Started & Knowing
What You Are Getting Into


4 Stages of An Acting Career And Why Most New Actors Never Make It Past Phase 2

4 Things You Can’t Avoid In An Acting Career and That You NEED TO KNOW

How Much An Acting Career Costs And How You Can Get The Money You Need To Pay For It All While Concentrating Most Of Your Time On Your Career

The 10 Reasons Why Most New Actors Never Make It

7 Secrets of Successful People and Successful Actors

9 Different Types of Acting Careers And How To Determine Which Is Right For You

Self-Evaluation: See If You Have What It Takes To Become An Actor!

How To Choose The Right Acting School & Teacher For You And Where To Look

How To Know If The Teacher And The Class Is Right For You

Acting Exercises You Can Work On Right From Home

Guide To Looking For And Finding An Acting School

Getting Into Your First Acting Class!

Preview Of Next Module


Module 2: Weeks 5 - 8
The Business of Acting: Know the
Market. Know The Business.


The Trade Papers You Can’t Do Without

The Absolute Best Online Resources For Actors

The Best Places To Be Able To Meet And Talk To Casting Directors, Agents And Producers

The Different Types Of Acting Roles

How To Find Out Your Type & Why That Is So Important

The top 7 Ways To Use Your Acting Skills To Get Acting Work

24 More Ways To Use Your Acting Skills

How To Start Looking For Your First Acting Job Right Away!

How To Start Making Extra Money To Pursue Your Acting Career. Now!

Traditional & Non-Traditional Ways To Make Money

The Full, Un-Edited Version of The 6 Part Money-Making Series Explained

Much More!

Module 3: Weeks 9 - 12
The Business of Acting: Part 2


What a USP Is And Why You Need To Have One To Become A Working Actor

What Casting Directors And Agents Look For In An Actor And What They Expect From You

The 8 Things You Absolutely Need To Promote Yourself As An Actor (You will actually begin to build these tools for yourself!)

The 12 Steps To Getting An Agent

How To Contact Casting Directors And Get Them To Call You!

How To Put Together A Winning Acting Career Strategy That Gets You Auditions And Gets You Acting Work!

The 5 People You Need To Have On Your Team

How Much All This Marketing Stuff Will Cost You And How To Save Money While You Do It!

Much More!

Module 4: Weeks 13 - 16
Promotion and Auditioning


The Short Line Strategy: What You Need To Do To Get Noticed Before Other Actors Of Your Type!

The Ultimate Test Of Your Creativity

29 Ways To Promote Yourself As An Actor

How To Meet The People You Want To Meet

Do’s And Don’ts Of Auditioning And What You Can Expect

Audition Technique

How To Use Casting Websites Effectively

What To Do If Your Agent Isn’t Getting You Auditions

What To Do If You Aren’t Getting Called Back After Your First Auditions

All About Monologues: How To Prepare Them, How To Perform Them, 12 Crucial Mistakes To Avoid When Performing Them

Module 5: Weeks 17 - 20
Acting Jobs


18 Things You Can Do To Start Your Acting Career If You Live In A Small Town

3 Different Types Of Film Jobs And Where To Find Them

5 Different Types Of Television Acting Jobs And Where To Find Them

What You Need To Know About Theatre Acting Jobs

The People You Will Meet On Set

What It’s Like Working On Set

All About The Unions: What They Are. Why They Exist, When To Join

Much more!

Module 6: Weeks 21 - 24
Planning and Money


11-Step Planning Process To Make Sure You Stay On Track!

More About How To Make Money To Fund Your Career While You Are Acting!:

Advanced Ways To Make Money Residually

Put The Finishing Touches On Your Promotional Packet

You'll Be Given Access To A Wealth Of Additional Industry Resources & Professionals Who Can Help You Strengthen Your Acting Career!

How To Avoid Acting Industry Scams

Final Test
Much More!

During The Entire 24-Week Program You Will:

Create All Your Marketing & Promotional Materials Including Headshot and Resume!

Know Exactly The Steps You Need To Get An Agent

Already Taken At Least One Acting Class If Not More

Know How To Give Great Auditions

Already Started Working As An Actor!


A Solid Program. Great Content. Practical Application

Built To Get You The Results You Want…

So…Um... How Much Does All This Cost?

I prefer not to talk about cost, but rather the INVESTMENT you will make in order to start finding acting work quickly.

The Difference Between Cost And Investment

Let’s talk about that for a second… What’s the difference between a cost and an investment?

A cost is when you spend money for temporary benefit or pleasure and don’t get anything more than that out of it. And if you want that pleasure again, you have to pay for it again. This is what we do when we go to the movies, to a restaurant or buy magazines or cigarettes or something to drink. Spending money on this home-study course would be a cost if you buy it and then do nothing with it. In that case, the money you spent on the course would be lost or more accurately, wasted and you wouldn't get it back.

An investment on the other hand, is when you spend money on something with the intent of receiving a greater return on that money you invested.

Spending money on this home-study course and actually applying what you learn each week will help you to get acting work. Aside from the satisfaction you will feel when you start working as an actor, you will be able to pay for your home-study course with your first acting job! The rest of the money you make from acting in your long acting career will represent an astronomically high return on that investment!

Having said that, you should be considering INVESTING in this home-study course so that you will gain a return, which will be finding acting work quickly. Without this investment, you would not be able to do it.

What Is A Home-Study Course Worth To You That
Will Help You Start Your Acting Career Quickly?

How Much Would You Pay For Something Like That?


As I put this Home-Study Program together, I presented the material to actors and industry professionals all over the world, but with a large concentration of those actors in New York and Los Angeles and asked them what they thought about it. ALL of them said they wished they had had this information when they were first starting out their acting careers, because if they had, they would have saved lots of time and money from doing the wrong things or things that didn't make sense to do.

I also asked them how much they would pay for a Home-Study Program like this. The average answer was $1,000. They unanimously agreed that the course is worth much more than that considering that one portion alone is over 45 hours of individual video instruction!

But don't worry, because I know that if you are the average new actor, you probably don't have that kind of money right now just laying around and I have no intention of charging you $1,000 for this course. So read on.

But I will ask you to think about this though.

A good acting technique class can cost $375 - $400/month. But that’s all you get. One month's worth of classes.

A good acting career coach can cost $90/hour. But all you get is one hour’s worth of coaching.

A monologue coach can cost you $50/hour. But again, all you get is one hour’s worth of coaching.

A well-known trade show for new actors costs $145 to take 5 industry workshops in one day and when you leave, you have to figure out how to apply what they told you, and that's IF the people speaking even gave you some concrete information. I’ve been there. I know. So, for $145 you get one day of listening to people talk and you get to make contacts with people in a non-structured way! And then, you are left all on your own.

I'm going to give you the entire
Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Program
for just

That's less than a cup of coffee costs each day!

You Will Not Find ANYTHING Like This Anywhere!!! Believe me. I have looked long and far and I'm willing to bet that you have too.



I Have Some Bonuses That You Will
Receive In Addition To Your Home -Study
Course Acting Career Quick-Start

Bonus 2:
How To Get Over Stage
Fright Forever

“I get so nervous when I’m performing in front of people. How do I get over that?”

Or how about this?

“When I’m in auditions, I get so nervous that I forget my lines. I shake. What can I do to stop that?”

Those my friend are some very common questions among new actors. What will you learn in this very popular course?

What Batman teaches us about overcoming stage fright and why it works!

How to improve your self-esteem

Why it is that people get nervous and how to use that to your advantage

The one thing you absolutely need to do to be able to feel more comfortable performing in front of an audience.

How to prepare for performances so that you drastically reduce your nervousness.

The one acting exercise you need to practice that will help you feel so much more confident

Practical techniques to overcome nervousness

How to cure a trembling voice

Bonus 3:
How To Convince Anyone Of Anything, Anytime!
Persuasive Communication Techniques To Help
You Get What You Want

All of us negotiate on a daily basis. We constantly find ourselves in situations in which we have to convince someone to do something, to say something, to act in a certain way, to give us something, to keep a secret, to pay us or to give us an acting job!

The thing is that there are some people who are better at persuasion than others. What is it that they have, what skill, what ability, what is it that they do that others don’t?

In this, one of my absolute best products, you will learn:

The 3 different kinds of people and how to best communicate with them

How to create rapport with anyone including Casting Directors & Agents!

The 4 dimensions of a negotiation and why if you skip one of them, you risk not convincing your subject

A simple and easy to use 7-step structure to persuasive communication

Learn the one thing you can do in preparing for a negotiation that can drastically increase your chances for success

How to use your cover letter and other communication to start convincing agents and casting directors to call you in!

How to drastically increase your chances of getting an agent to work with you!

Bonus 4:
Presenting With Impact: How To Create And Deliver Engaging Presentations That Your Audiences Will Remember and Love!

Think about the best presentation you ever saw someone deliver, the best speaker you ever saw speak. Think about how you felt during that presentation. What is it that you remember about it? What was it that made it so special?

When we see a great presentation it is easy to remember, but actually delivering one can be a whole different story.

In this presentation skills course, you will learn:

The things you need to know about your audience BEFORE you stand in front of them

Techniques to get your nerves under control so your audience doesn’t know

5 Things you need to include in your presentation to make sure that everyone feels involved

10 Steps to follow to ensure your event and your presentation are a success

How to deal with unruly audience participants

How to overcome objections from the audience

The best ways to answer questions

And More!

acting career"Hey Tony,
Well…this week has been amazing for me! Sunday, I filmed my first fight scene in an independent movie I’ve been working on. It was a sword fight which went really well; nobody got hurt, and I was able to see some of the raw footage which looked great. Monday, I got a callback for a commercial I auditioned for last month. The callback was Wednesday which went very well. I also just got a role for a part in a web series for Sunday. And I’m going to be submitting my information for a part on a show on a local network. This Sunday, I’m going to be filming for a web series, then an audition, and then filming for the movie.

It’s been awesome! Also, I am preparing for my first mailing, which will be sent in two weeks. Earlier today, I wrote my cover letter for the mailings. I wrote one specifically to one of the casting directors I will send to (I’ll do minor tweaking depending on who I’m sending to, just as you talk about in the course).

I was wondering…could you read the cover letter and let me know what you think? I just want to make sure it’s good to go. I made sure to do my research on the casting director like you said and made sure to add an interesting story about me in the opening. [I did review Brent's cover letter, tweaked it and sent it back to him.]

Tony, big things are really starting to happen for me. I know I sound like a broken record, but thank you for everything. There is a clear path in front of me, and I’m taking these great steps towards my destination. In the past, I would just keep getting off the path and take exits that would get me nowhere. Now, the pieces are coming together and it’s just incredible. I look forward to Module 6.4 Attached is my cover letter. Thanks Tony. Take care."
Brent Bauer, United States


start an acting career"Hello Tony,
I've completed Module 1 and last week I meet with my mentor. We sat down and discussed about what he's doing in the business, where I am now and how to move forward. He told me to mention his name to a talent agency when I submitted my work. Now, this is key because in Module 1 you talked about not hearing anything from agents and directors and finding out why. The agency he told me to submit my work to, I've submitted to them before- 2 years ago. This time I took the feedback thanks to your course and changed my headshots and reformatted my resume. Once I used that approach and mentioned his name, it opened doors.

Also, I have an audition tomorrow for a play! I've applied myself to learn more, be disciplined, and find ways to fund my acting. I saw online that a production company needed reviewers to see plays. I contacted them and got the job right away. Last night I saw *"Guys and Dolls"* at a theatre. The show sold out! The actors were phenomenal and I learned so much.

(after Module 3) I just got my first paycheck from my agency for a role I played in a film as a CSI agent! It's exciting! This program truly works! If it wasn't for your encouragement, passion, and commitment I wouldn't be where I am today, trying to figure things out on my own. Thank you,"

(days later)
This week I also had a call back for a play. I'm suppose to hear something by today. I'm really enjoying the Acting Career Quick Start program. Thank you so much!

(a week later)
Today I got my first pay check from the talent agency I work with. :)

(a week later)
I had an audition last night for a local tv episode. It was a lot of fun. The director seemed pretty pleased. We'll see what happens!

(a week later)
The audition I had last week was a success. I got a speaking role as a secretary. :)

(a couple of weeks later)
Today I had my very first television shoot. It was a great learning experience and very challenging. The cast and crew were fun to work with. Tomorrow we shoot one more scene.

Amanda Queen, United States

The My First Three Months ebook as well as your course materials for each of the 24 modules will be downloadable pdf files. For successful and trouble-free downloads and reading of those documents you will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar software installed on your computer. With regard to the Convince, Presenting, Stage Fright and the 24 modules, all those products will be in video format. Each month starting immediately after your purchase you will receive an email with links to the pages where you will find your products. You will receive the 24 modules one at a time, once every week, Your bonus products will be delivered one at a time over the first four modules beginning today.. You will receive the first bonus (My First Three Months) immediately upon your purchase today. Once you have made your initial payment of $37, you will be given immediate access to the first bonus and the first module, 1.1 of the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Program.

That’s It!

If You Have Been Struggling To Start Your Acting
Career Then This Home-Study Course Is For You!

But, I Still Have Just One More
To Show You Here Below.

acting career Dear Tony,
You know, there comes a time in your life when you find yourself totally lost. And that's what happen to me three months ago. At that time I really wanted to start an acting career but all my landmarks, my points of reference were gone and I didn't know where to turn to. Then I found you. You told me that If I really want this I had to go for it, I had to take control, I had to make something happen for myself and start living the life I wanted to.

Thanks to you I didn't give up on my dream. Thanks to your Home-Study Course I finally took control of my life and my acting career and right now I can't believe that I'm already in module 3.2 : I'm taking acting classes, I had my headshots done, my resumé done and I'm still working on cover letters for professionals. I did everything just like you said, step-by-step.

In a way Tony, You saved my life, you saved my dream. You showed me the door and I opened it. You've done a lot for me, and all I can give you back is a THANK YOU from the bottom of my French heart. So THANK YOU Tony, and see you on Module 3.3 !
Sarah Joly Meunier, France

(Your initial charge will be $37. You will then be charged $37 per month for the next 5 months. Your four bonus products, My First Three Months ebook, the Presenting with Impact, How to Convince Anyone of Anything at Anytime and How to Overcome Stage Fright videos will be released one at a time beginning now (My First Three Months ebook) and then during the next three modules (modules 2, 3, 4).)

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